Celebration of the Stars 2021

Each year, Discovery Senior Living team members at the community, regional and corporate levels are breaking new boundaries to drive innovation and support our residents. That kind of commitment deserves a whole lot more than just some little shindig!

That’s why we (usually) have our annual Pillars of Excellence Awards, a full-on spectacle that honors the dedicated professionals whose contributions helped positively change the lives of residents that year. This year, however, things were a little different.

As with most awards ceremonies and special events in 2020-2021, COVID-19 forced their cancellation. However, nothing was going to stop us from giving thanks to the thousands of Discovery team members who performed so admirably and persevered despite so many, unprecedented obstacles.

Much like they did, we had to get creative…and that’s how Celebration of the Stars 2021 was born!

Recognizing Almost 6,000 Star Team Members

Picture this, if you can: One day, and one special event so big that it can reach almost 6, 000 team members at Discovery Senior Living communities across the nation! That’s just what we did on Friday, June 4 as part of our first-ever Celebration of the Stars.

That day, more than 60 participating Discovery communities from Texas to Florida and all throughout the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions, kicked into full celebration mode. We’re not talking about a little pizza party in some back room, either! Think bigger…much bigger.

Think about entire communities being transformed, and love and appreciation filling every lobby, amenity area, hallway and dining venue. Think residents and community leaders coming together to celebrate and give back to the caring team members who selflessly give so much to them all year long. Think hugs and laughter, gifts and surprises, heartfelt “Thank you” messages, and for this, special day, beloved team members shining brightly amidst the same spotlight that they normally cast upon our residents.

Experience Celebration of the Stars for Yourself

At the community level, each and every celebration was just as unique as that community and its team members. From poolside dance parties, games and prizes to fun, photo shoots and even a red-carpet extravaganza that was just about celebrity worthy, communities enjoyed doing their part to honor team members with these unforgettable celebrations and more.

Just to give you and idea of some of the fun-filled event, our Team members enjoyed:

  • A massive ice cream sundae bar in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Delicious coconut shrimp and chicken wings in Boynton Beach, Florida
  • Classic summertime backyard BBQ in Stuart, Florida
  • A carnival-themed celebration in Richmond, Virginia

Here are just some of the highlights captured during Celebration of the Stars 2021:

That day, one of the biggest and best surprises was the presentation of a special, video message which came right from the very top of the Discovery Senior Living organization. This message aired in each and every Discovery community nationwide. (Hint: Watch through to the end to learn all about our company and work culture; you’ll be glad you did!)

Watch it here:

Celebration of the Stars 2021 culminated with the announcement that as a token of appreciation for team members’ hard work and dedication during the pandemic, the company gave paid time off (PTO) to all team members of the Discovery Senior Living family that worked during this time period. Care providers, dishwashers, cooks and community leaders…everybody is included. Now that’s putting team members first !

Celebration of the Stars Embodies the Discovery Corporate Culture

There’s a lot more than just the good nature and generosity to be taken from the above video and the Celebration of the Stars initiative itself. There’s the stylish (and brand-new) headquarters and a genuine sense of gratitude among leadership. Team members at the local and community levels are the perennial stars of this organization, and that’s a value that’s woven right in to the very fabric of the company.

Perhaps you also noticed all the open doors, togetherness and spirit of giving. Those are all values that define day-to-day life as a member of the Discovery Senior Living team as well.
Did you also notice how leaders including COO Bill Sciortino know all the communities and their Executive Directors (and others) by name? That’s another defining virtue of our organization. We’re big enough to be an innovative force in our industry, but small enough to maintain that closeness and overall sense of belonging that you just don’t get from every corporate setting.

Ready to Learn More about Careers with Discovery Senior Living?

Today more than ever, choosing which company to work for—and in what industry—are major decisions that set a lasting course for your future. And that’s why “Because they were hiring” is no reason to devote years or even many months to a role, cause or company that you’re not passionate about.

The world and business environment are forever changing, and as we’ve seen in recent years, both can change remarkably fast. So be selective and focused intently on working for a top company in a growing industry with plenty of staying power. Be insistent upon working in a role that serves causes and customers that you yourself care about. And be aggressive in pursuing a fun, fulfilling and prosperous career that will be a source of pride for you and your family.

Please visit our Career Portal to explore employment possibilities with Discovery Senior Living and its communities today.