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Thursday, February 18

Texas Communities Celebrate First, Important Steps on Path to Recovery

While weather-related issues continue to impact many communities throughout the Texas region, there is cause for celebration, as well as hope and anticipation that the winter weather and freezing temperatures will soon pass.

Current forecasts indicate that tonight will be the last night of freezing temperatures for communities in our Texas family. Starting late Wednesday, some communities saw power and water service get restored. More communities experienced similar progress today. It was a welcome event for everyone in those communities, and clearly the first, important step in their respective recovery processes.

Nonetheless, we know the coming days (and possibly more) will remain challenging. Our leaders and Operations team members, although tired from working through the nights, are in good spirits and have been reinvigorated by the grace and kindness they have received from residents and families alike.

Once the threatening weather is behind us, focus will shift squarely to restoring full, normal operations at all communities, including dining service, amenities, activities and events and any other care and lifestyle programs that were interrupted by recent weather events. Many communities will also be able to welcome back those residents who sought temporary accommodations with family or elsewhere during this time.

Even after the freezing weather passes, the Discovery Senior Living organization will continue to utilize all, available resources to benefit the affected communities, and will not rest until each one has returned to its optimal, full-functioning status.

The weather and its many impacts have understandably dominated headlines of late, but we believe that people joining together to help one another in a time of need will ultimately emerge as the real story from this ordeal. In and around our communities, we’ve witnessed firsthand the power of unity and selflessness, as well as the quintessential toughness and determination that are both distinctively Texan. And we will move forward the same way, emerging stronger and closer because of it.

Wednesday, February 17

Communities Continue on the Offensive to Protect Our Own

In weather-affected Discovery Senior Living communities in Texas and elsewhere, coordinated response efforts will continue throughout the day today. Amidst ongoing power interruptions and outages in many areas, a number of communities are operating without phone lines and internet service.

Other important updates from our Texas communities include the following:

  • Water: Bottled water for drinking and personal hygiene will be delivered today to all communities that are without public water supply or subject to boil-water notices
  • Food & Supplies: Culinary Directors reported late yesterday that food supply is not a concern. All residents are receiving meals per usual operations. Regular food deliveries are expected to resume on Thursday (Feb. 18), with emergency drop-offs (if needed) available to all communities immediately
  • Plumbing Repairs & Remediation: We’re working closely with established vendor partners to fix and remediate weather-related plumbing issues in a number of communities

There are a few, community-specific updates to share as well:

  • Morada Temple: The community’s Skilled Nursing Facility has fully evacuated due to power loss, with all residents transferred to more comfortable and functional care settings nearby
  • Morada Lake Arlington: Due to weather-related power outage, Independent Living residents have been temporarily moved over to the Assisted Living building
  • Morada Grand Prairie: Due to loss of power at the community, many residents are staying with family until the situation is resolved. Approximately 20 residents remain under community care and were temporarily moved off site to a warmer and more comfortable setting secured by community leadership with help from the Red Cross. Team members are on hand to administer resident care and service.

Please rest assured that dedicated operations teams and team members at both the community and home office levels are and will continue doing everything in their power to ensure residents and fellow team members are well-cared for and as comfortable as possible. We want to thank our residents and families, who have been pillars of strength and resilience during this time. So many have also shown grace and voiced support for our community leaders and team members, who are working tirelessly in these difficult conditions. We honor and most sincerely commend everyone for being TEXAS STRONG!

Please check back this afternoon/evening for further updates.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Evening Update for Texas Community Residents & Families

There is a late-breaking announcement that’s most pertinent to residents of Conservatory At Keller Town Center and their families:

  • The City of Keller has advised that it has shut off water service to the City
  • As a result, beginning now and until further notice, residents of Keller Town Center will be without water, both in their apartment homes and elsewhere throughout our community
  • Due to these unexpected conditions, we are asking all residents with family in the immediate area to take action and shelter amidst improved comfort alongside their loved one(s)
  • Our community will continue to serve to the best of its ability all residents and team members on property. Residents are advised to stay in their apartment homes to better ensure their continuing warmth and comfort

As Texas braces for more frigid temperatures expected tonight, every Discovery Senior Living community in the State will once again have their Operations team and team members on duty through the night to address any ongoing or emergent issues on the spot.

At present, our focus remains on keeping residents as comfortable as possible given the current storm. Where warranted, meals will be delivered to residents in their suites and apartment homes, and team members will be circulating about the communities to help ensure ongoing comfort.

Dallas-Fort Worth Area

  • Energy providers in the Dallas area are utilizing rolling power outages to preserve and protect vital energy resources
  • These planned, periodic blackouts are expected to continue tonight and are likely to impact Dallas-area communities
  • Comprehensive actions are being taken to ensure that residents remain warm and avoid moving about the community amid resulting blackout or low-light conditions
  • As temperatures fluctuate around freezing levels, issues will be urgently handled onsite with local partners

Houston Area

  • Conservatory At Alden Bridge (The Woodlands, TX) has been made aware of a faulty substation breaker that has impacted thousands of residents in this area. Power outages or temporary interruptions are more likely to result from this situation
  • As temperatures fluctuate around freezing levels, issues at select communities are being urgently handled by onsite with local partners
  • Limited passability of area roadways continues to pose problems, making it more difficult to receive vendor deliveries and services

We will post additional information and updates as soon as they become available.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

We Are All in This Together


Amidst the current state of emergency across Texas and elsewhere, our communities are continuing wide-ranging efforts to serve the best interests of our residents.

Many community leaders and team members have been working through the nights to provide care and service, prepare and deliver meals, and make valuable contributions any way they can.

Amidst the storm, we are focused intently on the health and well-being of residents and team members. Meal service and care programs remain in place, and where possible, we are continuing recreation and social activities as well.

In many locations, however, communities are faced with intermittent or ongoing loss of power. As a result, we are maintaining frequent contact with state and local officials, utility providers, partner organizations and first responders. Where extreme conditions dictate, communities have even helped residents access temporary lodging, either with their family locally or in partnering, area hotels.

If you are in a position to take your loved one home to help provide warmth and shelter, that option does remain available.

To keep everyone informed, we will continue posting regular updates via each community’s website and Facebook page, so please check back frequently for the latest info and developments.



Morada Meadow Lakes

We are pleased to report that power has been restored to our community, and key systems (heating, electric, etc.) are back up and running. We will post additional updates and information as it becomes available.

Morada Lake Arlington

Our Assisted Living neighborhood is currently welcoming Independent Living residents to come over and enjoy the warmth and hospitality, and even move in temporarily until power is restored. Meals, refreshments and recreation are here and readily available to all.

Morada Deer Park  

Power is currently out in our community. In the interests of safety and residents’ continued comfort, we are delivering hot meals and conducting regular wellness checks throughout the day to ensure our residents’ needs are met. Please check back for additional updates and information as it becomes available.

Morada Burleson

Power is on and all systems (heating, electric, etc.) are functional throughout our community. Residents are able to enjoy dining, activities and indoor amenities, and we will monitor the situation while continuing to serve the best interests of our residents.

Morada Temple

Power is currently out in our community, and we’ve assisted many residents with family in the area to temporarily re-locate and stay with them until power is restored. To facilitate continuing comfort for remaining residents, we are delivering hot meals and conducting regular wellness checks throughout the day to ensure all needs are met. Please check back for additional updates and information as it becomes available.

Morada Victoria

At this time, the energy provider for our area expects to restore power to our community today. In the interim, however, residents are welcome to take up temporary lodging with family nearby or at partnering senior communities in our area. Please contact the front desk for assistance.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Comprehensive Winter Storm Response Continues Across Our Texas Communities

The community setting remains a great place to be despite the winter weather and 1-3 inches of snow that’s impacting our native Texas. Our Operations team and team members at all affected communities have been working through the nights, with everyone pitching in to check up on residents, prepare and deliver fresh, hot meals, and conduct safety protocols.

State-wide, power providers are using planned, interim power outages (called “rolling blackouts”) to manage the situation and preserve critical energy resources. Rest assured that we’re taking measured actions to continue residents’ everyday activities uninterrupted and allow them to enjoy their days like they always do. Stay tuned for further updates, but in the interim, remain confident knowing that we are always here and working tirelessly to ensure the comfort and happiness of our residents!

Friday, February 12, 2021

Temporary, Alternative Lodging Secured for Residents of Conservatory At North Austin

Due to the widespread power outages, which have impacted our community, Conservatory At North Austin has successfully arranged for temporary, alternative lodging to better ensure the continued comfort of its residents.

Since the initial outage, our leadership, operations and care teams worked through the night, implementing and maintaining comprehensive protocols, including:

  • Ongoing patrols and monitoring of our grounds
  • Notifying the police and fire departments
  • Regular, repeated contact with Austin Energy
  • Transporting residents to area hotels
  • Preparing and delivering boxed meals for residents at those hotels
  • Even offering to pay for hotel stays now and bill the charges back to resident statements next month

We commend our residents for their calmness and adaptability throughout this unexpected event, and sincerely thank our team members for their compassion and superb performance in the face of emergency.

These alternative arrangements will be temporary, and our community has, and will continue to take measured actions to ensure the health and happiness of all residents and team members in this or any situation. We’re pleased to report that everyone is safe and accounted for, and will continue to update everyone as new information becomes available.