Culture at Discovery Senior Living in Bonita Springs, Florida

 Work Culture & Environment

Discovery Senior Living’s role as an industry leader fuels an unwavering commitment to upholding certain, core values—called “Pillars of Excellence”—which help foster success while also maintaining a culture and working environment that Team Members throughout the organization can be proud of.


Cartoon depiction of professionals at Discovery Senior Living in Bonita Springs, Florida

Foundational values including INTEGRITY, TEAMWORK, PERFORMANCE, ACCOUNTABILITY, HARD WORK, COMPASSION and CREATIVITY represent individual Pillars of Excellence. And together, these pillars help guide our continual efforts to achieve outstanding quality, service, innovation, and a superior overall living experience for residents of Discovery Senior Living communities nationwide.   

Teamwork puzzle at Discovery Senior Living in Bonita Springs, Florida


Teamwork is the collective action of a group and its members to coordinate efforts in order to achieve a common goal. Whether at the community or corporate level, effective teamwork rewards unselfishness, and thrives upon acceptance of the team’s shared mission and how each member’s differences and unique skills and perspective better position the group for success.

Integrity compass at Discovery Senior Living in Bonita Springs, Florida


Integrity is quite often a personal choice to live and act truthfully, to make good on our promises, to exhibit strong moral and ethical principles, and to embody the honor and respect that helped define the generations of seniors that came before us.

With integrity acting as a universal language that bridges cultural and/or generational divides, maintaining a culture of integrity calls for cooperation, respect for ourselves and for one another, and an intense, inner desire to uphold this core belief, even in the face of temptation. Such a culture is the mark of an exemplary organization, and is also the single-biggest differentiator that establishes Discovery Senior Living as the “gold standard” in the industry.

Measuring performance at Discovery Senior Living in Bonita Springs, Florida


Job descriptions may outline essential roles and responsibilities, but they don’t establish the limits of our contributions…and we shouldn’t, either. Doing work beyond just the minimum that’s expected or set forth in a job description is indicative of our passion, level of commitment, and yes, performance.

At Discovery Senior Living, we’ve woven high performance standards right into the fabric of our organization because we believe every Team Member bears a tremendous responsibility that transcends merely “doing a job.” Instead, through daily performance and genuine, caring interactions, Team Members have the power to meaningfully impact residents’ happiness and state of well-being, and that’s a role we will never take lightly. That’s why performance and delivering an exceptional, all-around lifestyle experience lies at the center of everything we do.  


Accountability is the obligation of an individual or organization to take ownership of its activities, accept responsibility for them, and disclose the results in a transparent manner. And alongside integrity, accountability is one of the most important moral principles there are, whether in business or in life.

At Discovery Senior Living, accountability means individuals at all levels of the organization are empowered to act like owners. To continually assess the quality of the experience we’re providing, to actively consider ways to make it better, and to seize a leading role in driving innovation, getting input from key stakeholders and fellow Team Members along the way and collectively owning the results. 


There are few things more noble and selfless than giving of yourself for the good of others. Today’s senior generation is comprised of fascinating people who have made an indelible mark on the world and society. Paying these great men and women back for their many contributions by working each day to ensure their health and well-being, and providing happiness and a sense of security despite the uncertainty of the aging process is perhaps the truest embodiment of compassion and care there is.   


Perhaps loosely defined as the diligence, determination, effort and endurance one applies to solving problems and achieving goals and objectives, hard work is the driving force behind the success and tangible results of any organization. But hard work isn’t purely physical in nature; it’s also digging deep for the courage to innovate, or the strength to persevere in the face of adversity, largely because of how much we love or care about a particular effort or cause.


Creativity requires poise, patience and the ability to push confidently beyond the barriers of what’s considered “normal,” all in the name of introducing new or more efficient ways of doing things. It takes mettle to buck tradition and forge one’s own path, and plenty of fortitude to silence the fear of failure or making mistakes along the way. For creativity truly represents the often-long-term journey from idea to implementation, all the while maintaining the belief and conviction to overcome any and all obstacles and see things through.